3 Tips for Using Your Heat Pump More Efficiently in Kerrville, TX

Taking good care of your heat pump extends its lifespan and reduces frequent breakdowns. Fortunately, boosting your heat pump’s efficiency isn’t an expensive affair. In this article, we will discuss how you can use your heat pump in Kerrville, TX, more efficiently.

Replace Your Air Filter

An air filter keeps the heat pump’s components and indoor air clean by catching contaminants. As the filter traps more contaminants, they build up on it and block air from flowing freely into your system.

Poor airflow causes your system to overwork because it attempts to draw more air through the blocked filter. The components of an overworking system wear out more quickly, causing it to break down more often. Change your air filter after every 30 to 90 days.

Avoid Cranking Up the Thermostat

When your home is too cold, you may crank up your thermostat, assuming the device will prompt your heat pump to warm your house more quickly. However, cranking up your thermostat doesn’t change how quickly your system heats your home. Instead, the practice causes the system to work for a longer period than usual.

An overworking heat pump consumes more energy, inflating your heating costs. Use your usual temperature range rather than cranking up your thermostat to avoid overworking your system.

Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance

Maintenance services enable your system to operate at peak efficiency. When a service technician visits your home for a maintenance service, they clean all system components, fix any faulty parts and lubricate any moving parts to eliminate friction. They will also inspect your thermostat to ensure it communicates well with your heat pump.

It’s essential to improve your heat pump’s efficiency to keep your family comfortable at all times. Contact Five Cross Services LLC whenever you need exceptional heating services. Our service technicians will work on your heat pump to enable it to serve your family efficiently all year.

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