Do You Need a Furnace Repair in Bandera, TX?

The two most popular heating options for homeowners in Bandera, TX, are heat pumps and furnaces. If you use a furnace to warm your house during the chillier winter months, you must ensure it operates properly to keep your family safe. Read on to learn some obvious signs that indicate you should schedule a professional furnace repair immediately.

Yellow Pilot Light

If your home has a gas furnace, its pilot light should only burn one color: blue. If your furnace’s pilot light burns yellow or orange, you’ll need a repair to fix whatever is causing the problem. Since carbon monoxide could be leaking into your house, it’s best to leave the property, schedule a furnace repair and wait until it’s absolutely safe to reenter.

Banging Sounds

Your furnace will click as it turns on and off and hum as it operates. Those are the only sounds you should hear coming from your heating system. If you notice banging, grinding, rattling or screeching, turn the furnace and schedule a repair. Continuing to operate the heating system will likely lead to more damage and higher repair costs.

Burning Odors

You might smell dust burning when you start your furnace for the first time at the start of the heating season. That smell is normal or a day or two. But if you continue smelling a burning odor near your furnace, don’t ignore the problem. Doing so can create a fire hazard in your house. Schedule a furnace repair right away to rectify the issue.

Leaking Furnace

Any appliance in your house that leaks water is telling you that something is wrong, and your furnace is no different. Clogged condensation tubing or breaks in the condensation line can cause a leaking furnace.

Don’t wait a minute longer if you suspect your furnace needs a repair. Contact Five Cross Services LLC for 24/7 emergency heating repair services. We’ll fix your furnace and ensure your family feels comfortable and safe.

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