Is My AC System About to Break Down in Hunt, TX?

We’re sure the last thing you’d want to happen is for your air conditioner to break down in the middle of a hot summer day in Hunt, TX. Nevertheless, this might happen. If you don’t recognize the signs of an imminent breakdown, it’ll catch you off guard. Here are some signs that your AC system is about to break down:

Poor Cooling Performance

An air conditioner should cool your home, so there can hardly be a clearer sign that something is wrong with it than if it suddenly becomes unable to do so. However, the sources of this problem are diverse. We don’t recommend immediately jumping to the idea that your AC system is about to completely fail.

Before doing that, you should look at your system’s air filters and check whether they’re dirty. Debris on the filters may block airflow, seriously impairing all aspects of air conditioning function. If you can rule this and some other common explanations out, like closed vents or an obstructed outdoor unit, ask a service technician to inspect it.

Spiking Utility Bills

Your AC system should maintain a relatively constant standard of efficiency. Your utility bills should remain fairly steady as long as you don’t use your system more than usual. If you have a sudden, inexplicable spike, you may safely assume that your system’s parts are probably struggling to remain functional.

Age of the AC System

As a final tip, we’d strongly advise you to stay aware of your AC system’s age. The average lifespan of a central air conditioner is about 15 years, after which the probability that your AC system will malfunction and lose efficiency increases greatly. Of course, if you remember to provide your air conditioner with maintenance at least once per year, you’ll be able to maximize that shelf life.

When you notice signs of a looming air conditioning breakdown, act as quickly as possible. Call Five Cross Services LLC to schedule AC repair services in or around Hunt, TX.

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